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Health & Beauty

We distribute “Made in Japan” high quality health & beauty supplements from 4 suppliers, who possess strong record in R&D and their products are trusted by domestic consumers & customers.

Our product range covers a wide variety of H&B needs of consumers of different stage of life. 

Umeken is recognized not only in Japan, but globally as a company that endeavors to use only the best ingredients found in nature and develop quality health products manufactured under the guidance of Japan's advanced scientific standards and artisan spirit.

The Deer Company started as an Agricultural Corporation Shirahama Charolais and have grown to become the biggest deer farm in Japan.

The modern Waki Pharmaceutical co., ltd was established in 1951 with the manufacturing and selling on 22 items in Yamatotakada city, Nara.

Japan Clinic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1974 as a pioneer of the Japanese dietary supplement industry and of oyster extract based health supplements.